Dance Choreography, Composition, and Performance (Rising 12th Grade), June 18-28


Course open to Branson and non-Branson students.

Week 2-3

1:00-3:00, M-Th


Instructors: Renée Donovan (Branson English Teacher)


Many student artists spend 10 or more hours a week honing their dance practice and have little opportunity to leverage their hard work in the college application process. In this course, students will learn different choreography techniques and compose an original piece. In addition, students will learn how to showcase their work as dancers in the college application process. Rising 11th graders will make a 2-year plan with goals and milestones to help them balance the demands of 11th and 12th grade academic work with their dance pursuits. Rising 12th graders will begin to compile an arts supplement for the universities that consider additional application materials.


Instructor Bio:

Renée Donovan holds a BA from Stanford University; she has also trained as a ballet dancer with Alonzo King Lines Ballet and at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.