Digital Photography (Rising 6th-9th Grades), June 17-20

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Course open to Branson and non-Branson students.

Week 2

9:00-12:00, M-Th


Instructor: Allyson Seal (Art Teacher)


In this week-long program (Monday- Thursday), students in rising 6th-9th grades will explore their voice as a photographer. This course covers the technical features of the digital camera and Adobe Lightroom, and the compositional skills in taking compelling photographs, with plenty of room to experiment and play with these tools.   Each student will leave this class with a portfolio of digital & print work. This class is a good fit for students from beginning to advanced who are excited to pick up a digital camera and learn more about it. Each student will be taught and challenged based on their abilities and skill level. While materials will be provided, students are encouraged to bring their own DSLR if they’ve got one.


Instructor Bio:

Allyson’s first love is photography. She picked up a camera as a sophomore Branson student and never put it down. Since those halcyon days, she has studied photography and visual arts at UCLA and the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. Allyson has taught a wide variety of visual arts classes at Branson in her ten years here as a teacher. She believes that the camera is a powerful visual tool that allows you to see the world more clearly by your exquisite attention. Allyson sees the photography classroom as a collaboration where all participants bring a sense of wonder and curiosity.