Forensic Science (Rising 8th and 9th Grades), June 25-28


Course open to Branson and non-Branson students.

Week 3

9:00-12:00, M-Th


Instructors: Justin Culley (Director of Educational Technology)


Explore the science of courtroom evidence.  During this program, you will delve briefly into several of the forensic science disciplines including, hair and fibers, DNA, blood, fingerprints and more!  During the course, you will explore real case studies from the history of criminal investigation and apply the techniques you learn to a case study of your own.  Come join the sleuthing!


Instructor Bio:

Justin has nurtured a lifelong passion for science, which began with a fascination for rocks, insects and other denizens of the natural world.  This fascination evolved into a passion for teaching science to elementary students as an outdoor science educator at a public aviary and YMCA camps in Wisconsin and Hawaii.  This, ultimately, led him to the formal high school classroom for 15 years where he taught chemistry, biology, ecology, marine science, forensic science and human anatomy & physiology both in Hawaii and California.  He currently works as an education technology director, but is always looking for opportunities to engage with students in the science lab and couldn’t be more excited about summer forensic science.  He has a BS in Chemistry/Biology and an MA in Teaching & Learning with Technology.