Training a Guide Dog Puppy (Rising 6th-12th Grades), June 17-20


Course open to Branson and non-Branson students.

9:00-12:00, M-Th

$300/family (parents and students)

Instructors: Amelia Browne, Heather Duncan

Ever wonder how Guide Dogs for the Blind has such well trained puppies that are ready for their formal training? Thinking of getting your own puppy and want some techniques that have been shown to work for training? Possibly interested in becoming of part of the amazing organization of GuideDogs for the Blind by volunteering as a puppy raiser or sitter? This is the course for you. Middle school age students and older and families are encouraged!

This course will walk you through the basics of how GDB Puppy Raising Clubs train their puppies and allow you to learn these techniques, via hands on experience with real GDB puppies. Besides meeting cute puppies, you will cover the material that we introduce all new members of our local San Rafael club to, and get to practice one on one with our pups. 

This course will be taught by a recent Branson graduate and current puppy raiser and club leader from our San Rafael Puppy Club.

Instructor Bio:

Heather Duncan is a science teacher at Branson who has been volunteering with Guide Dogs for the Blind for the past 15 years. She has raised 7 puppies, is a puppy docent and was a breeder custodian. She currently helps train new members of the San Rafael Puppy Club.

Amelia Browne graduated from Branson in June of 2019, and started volunteering with Guide Dogs for the Blind one year ago. For her recent senior Capstone Project she worked with Nina, a six-month old lab who she will be co-raising throughout the summer. She has puppy-sat for multiple puppies with San Rafael Puppy Club, and is beyond excited to share her journey with potential puppy raisers.