How to Use Social Media (Rising 8th-12th Grades), June 25-29


Course open to Branson and non-Branson students.

Week 3

9:00-12:30, M-F


Instructor: Maura Vaughn (Theater Teacher)

Social media has increased the average user's means to persuade and influence not just locally but globally. Students are no longer just consumers of social media; they are creators and distributors of content. Whether digital media will be beneficial or destructive in the long run doesn’t depend on the technologies, but on the literacy of those who use them. This camp will teach students to be responsible, respectful, and safe and ethical digital citizens.

Students will learn how to:

  • Use social media to advocate positions and express their voices

  • Create quality media productions

  • Have an impactful digital footprint

  • Be a responsible and ethical citizen in the digital world

  • Use search engines skillfully to find useful and trustworthy sources

  • Protect themselves from online dangers