Prep for Algebra II, August 5-15 (REGISTRATION FULL: Contact to be put on the wait list)


Course open to Branson and non-Branson students.

Week 9-10

1:00-4:00, M-Th


Instructor: Paul McCarthy (Math Teacher)


Even though most Geometry classes offer a fair amount of Algebra I review during year, many students feel they could benefit from a more focused review of their Algebra I skills before entering Algebra II. Prep for Algebra II provide just that: a comprehensive review of the major topics covered in Algebra I – Lines, Systems of Equations, Exponents, Polynomials, Factoring, Rational Expressions and Quadratics. The course will focus on deepening each student’s understanding and building connections between concepts that may have been missed during the study of Algebra I. The exact content of the course will be tailored to meet the needs of the participants, but the course structure will include lots of worksheets, activities and games. This course is open to both Branson and non-Branson students.


Instructor Bio:

Paul McCarthy has been teaching Mathematics at Branson since 2012. During this time, he has also served as faculty advisor for extra-curricular activities ranging from the Model United Nations Club to the Meditation Club. A graduate of New South Wales University with a degree in Engineering and a Masters in Education. Paul began his teaching career at St Ignatius College Sydney, Australia in 1991. He has taught all levels of math from Algebra to Calculus, and was also a boarding master and rugby coach for over 10 years.