Rising Stars Girls Basketball Camp (Rising 6th-8th Grades), August 5-8


Open to Branson and non-Branson students.

9:00-3:00, M-Th


Coach: Zach Borello


This program is designed for those serious about the game of basketball and those looking to take their game to another level. The goal of this camp is to give players a positive outlet where they will receive superior instruction and personal mentorship that will help them reach their basketball potential and achieve their goals. Our philosophy focuses on well-rounded player development.

•           The Psychology of Excellence: Learn how to think, prepare and perform like a champion—both at practice and during games.

•           Body control, balance and footwork: Master the most important—yet under taught—skills in the game. These three will give you the edge in competition.

•           Point guard vision: Learn how to train your eyes and develop new habits that will help you see the floor and deliver the ball with timing and precision.

•           How to finish at the rim with consistency: Learn the three crucial finishes and the reads needed to be successful in traffic.

•           How to be ‘a boss with the basketball’: Cut down on costly turnovers and put your coach at ease when the ball is in your hands.

•           1-on-1 pressure: Learn how to control the ball and develop the necessary tools to be a dominant defensive player.

•           ‘Gut Check’: Discover the truth about training, what it takes to get to the next level and what YOU need to do to get there.