SAT Prep, August 12-15


Course open to Branson and non-Branson students.

Week 10

9:00-4:00, M-Th


Instructor: Jock Christie (Founder of Tamalpais Tutoring and Test Prep)


This is a 4 day crash course on how to take the SAT and do well!
* Instructors will cover Math and Verbal portions of the SAT.
* We will focus on both the content and the strategy necessary to succeed.
* This class is ideal for rising Juniors, but rising Seniors are welcome too.
* We will be focused on how to optimally use your limited time in each section.
* There will be a chance to review all the fundamental Math concepts.
* We will also cover relationship between PSAT and SAT.
* There will be homework every night.

Workbooks will be provided as part of the fee.


Instructor bio:

Jock Christie is an experienced Math and Science tutor, who got his start teaching Physics at the Taft School in 1987 after graduating from Princeton. After earning an MS at MIT, Jock began a PhD in Stanford, then worked in the Aerospace industry for a decade before returning to teaching. Jock has experience with students ranging from middle school Mathletes to college students struggling with calculus. In the early 1990s, Jock began tutoring the SAT 1-1, and he has experience coaching a variety of standardized tests, including the SSAT, ACT, SAT, as well as the GRE.


For Branson students: This course is most appropriate for rising seniors who are hoping to further develop their testing abilities or build on previous scores.  Branson’s policy is to discourage most students from doing intense test prep between sophomore and junior years.  Generally, Branson students do not sit for their first official test until spring of junior year after receiving PSAT results and considering the differences between the SAT and ACT.