SSAT Prep, AUGUST 12-15


Course open to Branson and non-Branson students.

Week 10

9:30-3:00, M-Th

$550 (including $20 materials fee)

Instructors: Doug Wick, Jeff Symonds


Get a jump start on your SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) Prep! This intensive four-day course will provide you with excellent training and practice in the verbal and math sections of the test:

- Develop vocabulary -learn prefixes and roots that will help you to distinguish word meanings

- Learn helpful techniques for figuring out analogies

- Become more proficient at analyzing written passages efficiently and effectively, along with ways to maintain your focus and concentration

- Gain knowledge of useful skills for writing the short essay and short story

- Review important mathematical concepts, from arithmetic to algebra to geometry to word problems to reading charts and graphs, to insure competence in the quantitative section of the test

- Discuss time-saving strategies to maximize the number of questions/problems you can solve under the time constraints

- Learn how to deal with multiple-choice tests (eliminating impossible answers, 'getting' the answer from the offered choices)

- Practice lots of questions/problems each day, teacher-led, in groups, and individually

- Learn test-taking and other time-saving strategies, to maximize your scores


This class is a wonderful opportunity for you to evaluate your strengths and identify areas to work on in the fall. The course includes a review session prior to fall testing.


Instructor Bio:

Doug taught SAT, LSAT, GMAT, and MCAT tests for many years for a major test prep company. Doug now teaches engineering, physics, and AP physics at Branson.

Jeff Symonds has been teaching English and Fine Arts at Branson since the SSAT was administered on stone tablets (or 1991).  When not helping students decode standardized tests, he plays in several local rock bands, travels with his wife and kids, and continues his search for the perfect slice of pizza.